November 21, 2010

Episode 1 -- Origins and Action Comics #393

Welcome to the premiere episode of Superman in the Bronze Age.  In this episode, we learn the secret origins of our mild-mannered host as a Superman fan, plus we take a look at Action Comics #393.  Also, this is my first attempt at a podcast, so I'm still building up my editing skills.  My apologies for some of the audio problems.

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Next episode will cover November 1970, with Action Comics #394 and World's Finest #198.


  1. Hello. Listened to the first episode. Good stuff. Personally, I tend to like a bit more story commentary. I am not sure that there's much to say about this issue since it's in many ways a late Silver Age tale backed up by an overly preachy Superboy story. So I can appreciate that your hands were tied.

    Also, based on the description, I was expecting some really nasty audio problems but, except for one minor instance, the audio was fine. You'll only get better as you perfect your skills but you're already in a pretty good place.

    This is in no way a bash, but I think it might be helpful if you discuss a bit WHY you're doing this podcast. What attracts you to the Bronze Age (apart from how awesome it is, I mean)? Do you prefer this over the Byrne Age?

    Overall, I think you're in a good place to make an awesome podcast. You'll only get better over time.

    Congratulations on a good debut episode!

    - t

  2. Great episode. The sound quality was just fine. I'm really glad you chose this unique era.

    This is going to be a great show, judging by the starting point. Julius Schwartz brought us some great changes.

    Looking forward to more.