December 5, 2010

Logo Contest!!!

Announcing my first ever contest.  As you can see by looking above, This site does not have a logo.  Since I do not have the resources or talent to make one of my own, I thought I'd get some help from you, my listener.  Just send your entry to umbc81@yahoo.com, and I'll pick my favorite to become the new official logo for the site.

The winner will not only win recognition and be mentioned on the show, but also the following comics:

Now, if you can't read them very well, they are Action 447, Superman (Vol. 1) 353, Superman (Vol. 1) 372, Superman (Vol. 1) 376, Superman (Vol. 2) 82, Action 727, Action 734 and Action 848.

So please, send them in.  The only guidelines are that it be small enough to fit at the top of the site (don't need one that covers the whole site), it has to include "Superman in the Bronze Age" somewhere in the logo and it has to be in by Christmas Day.  I will then make my decision, and ring in the New Year with the new logo.

So get started, and good luck.

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