May 6, 2011

From Crisis to Crisis Episode 94: March 1992, Part 1

From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast continues it's coverage of Panic in the Sky this week as Jeffrey Taylor and Michael Bailey welcome another special guest to the show!  Charlie Niemeyer from Superman in the Bronze Age (hey, that's me!) jumps into a time machine and travels forward to the Post Crisis era to help the boys talk about the first two books with a March 1992 cover date. In Superman: The Man of Steel #9 a familiar looking ship attacks Metropolis and Superman finds out who the ultimate enemy is.  In Superman #65 the Man of Steel becomes proactive against the threat approaching Earth and gathers together a team of heroes to deal with it.  The “terrible” trio also discusses a handful of episodes of the Adventures of Superboy television series and what else was going on in the world while these books were on the stands.

You get the episode 3 ways: The RSS Feed, the iTunes link or you can download it directly here.

I want to thank Jeffrey and Michael for allowing me onto the show.  I had a lot of fun recording with them and talking about this fun time for Superman fans.

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