February 11, 2011

A Call to Arms!

Michael Bailey and Jeffrey Taylor, the hosts of "From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast" at the Superman Homepage, have kicked off a movement inspired by a recent "Ask Matt" posting involving one of their favorite Superman stories. And they need YOUR help!

The popular Superman story "Dark Knight Over Metropolis," guest starring Batman, has never been collected in a hardcover or trade paperback format and that simply needs to be rectified. The only way to show DC Comics that we as fans truly believe this story needs that treatment is to send a massive amount of emails from you, the fans, requesting it.
Michael and Jeffrey agree with the person who suggested this to Matt Idleson in the aforementioned "Ask Matt" segment. This was a hugely important story arc where Superman gave Batman the Kryptonite ring to stop him if he ever lost control and needed to be put down. This is one of the few story elements from that era that survived the new continuity after Infinite Crisis and One Year Later in 2006. Many new readers don't even know it exists or how important it is.
For marketing purposes and to ensure sales, Michael and Jeffrey believe it should be collected as SUPERMAN/BATMAN VOL. 0. If you don't know or don't remember the story, Michael and Jeffrey discussed it in FCTC episode 57.
Here's how you can help:
Ian Sattler is currently the man in charge of collected editions at DC Comics. Send him an email requesting the publication of this book at ian.sattler@dccomics.com.
Here are the guidelines of what to put in the email:
  • In your own words, explain why you think the story is important and should be published in a collected format.
  • Remember that Ian's a busy man and might receive a lot of these emails, so keep it brief for his sake.
  • Don't demand it or be rude about it please.
  • Mention that you heard about this on "From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast". It's not about ego for us. It simply gives a focused voice for the movement to have the story collected.
IMPORTANT: If DC agrees, please pre-order the book. It's important that you buy it, but even more important that you pre-order it when it's solicited so DC knows to print enough of them. We will make order information available when and if it's solicited both on the podcast and here on the Superman Homepage. You will be able to either order it directly through the Superman Homepage or use the Diamond ordering number at your local comic shop.

It would be unfortunate if this all worked and no one bought the book. We hope to enlist your help and the help of other fans like you in the future for other stories that have tragically never been collected, and we'd like to have a leg to stand on to make that happen.
Michael Bailey and Jeffrey Taylor

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